Tokens are the future and while many don’t see the tokenized world coming to an existence, they ignore the fact that the tokenization has already begun and it plays an enormous role in the decentralization of money and powers.

Ethereum has brought the possibility of a relatively easy creation of custom tokens. Thanks to Ethereum we have seen the boom of ICOs but the problem with Vitalik Buterin’s blockchain is that it’s not scalable.

The birth of EOS brings big changes to the token economy. For who doesn’t know it yet, EOS is the most scalable blockchain with feeless transactions and the security that is lacking in other blockchains. And while the ICOs are still a thing for raising capital, EOS adopts mainly airdrops as the way of token adoption by raising awareness and motivate people to engage with the DApps.

Since its launch, EOS has seen on its mainnet many eosio.token contracts deployed and some of these tokens became very popular within the EOS community.

Although many of the top DApps belong to the gambling and games category, there are also other important Dapps which contribute to the network usage with some good volume of users.


Karma is one of the first DApps which has been built on EOSIO and its main purpose is rewarding people for doing good things in the world. Karma founders believe that people whose basic needs are met will instinctively interact in a positive manner with each other and, with the aid of tokens, these interactions will receive a positive feedback loop. By incentivising good behaviour an exponential effect of good will be created. The rewards are being given for photo and video submission via an in-app token KARMA. Photo and video will be proof of some good deed and will be an encouragement and inspiration for others to take action in creating a positive loop on their own. Karma is one of the most promising DApps and it is one of the most used on dappradar.


The first big DApp built on EOSIO was Everipedia and it currently is one of the most traded EOS custom tokens. Everipedia is an open source aggregator of knowledge and the main competitor to Wikipedia. The reason of Everipedia’s success are its flexible rules, tokenization of content submission and editing as well as the possibility of creating personal pages as well as public profiles of non-notable people which are usually discarded by Wikipedia editors. But Everipedia differs from its competitor also by being more visually appealing to its audience. The possibility of video, photo, GIFs insertion renders pages less boring and its social media function where users can talk to their idols makes of this platform a truly unique place. Everipedia is one of the most used DApps on the EOS blockchain and its token IQ is being traded on Binance and many other exchanges. IQ token has been airdropped to everyone who has registered the ETH address for the EOS genesis snapshot before June 2nd.


Scatter has been definitely the core part of the network from the very beginning as it’s been used by most of the users to sign securely transactions and provide private data without exposing keys. Scatter gives the possibility to hold different identities each with a different set of information. Thanks to these identities a user can have one login for different dapplications to buy real things on a marketplace, to use social networks or play games for example.

The custom token of Scatter is RIDL and RIDL is a decentralized reputation and unique identity system running on the blockchain which permits identities to earn tokens to improve their reputation. When a user registers an identuty with RIDL it becomes unique across all the blockchains but can be also used by everything what integrates Scatter. Scatter can be integrated with centralized and decentralised applications, desktop games and anything that uses unique identities.


HireVibes is a jobs DApp that will operate as a DAC on the EOSIO blockchain and will have its own governance structure as well as the token HVT. The employers can post their job openings for free and with the help of the crowd, source for the best talent, communicate, hire and pay in-app directly from the HireVibes platform. Thanks to HVT token, the crowd will be incentivised to source the best candidates for job openings by charging a small fee to employers and redistributing most of it back to jobseekers, referrers and selected charities. Every jobseeker earns on top of its pay a 5% reward in HVT token every time he applies to a job posting or when he refers someone successfully to someone’s job opening. Successively he can give back to humanitarian and environmental initiatives.



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