Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Too much governance on EOS a risk to the network

The Worker Proposal System, as well as the overall governance of the EOS network, have been lately a subject of a great debate. The community voices regarding the WPS and its multi-million fund are divided and always more arguments...
Daniel Larimer

Dan’s new Constitution is for big companies

I thought about Dan’s new Constitution proposal and, in the beginning, I was afraid about big BPs taking on the network, corruption and cartels. I know Daniel proposed some solutions to mitigate such risk although there’s no 100% solution to...
EOS tokens value

Where do EOS tokens get their value?

The launch of the EOS blockchain, a new smart contract platform for decentralized applications, marks the end of slow and costly transactions. Thanks to instantaneous transactions at no cost, a governance with a constitution capable of preventing the split...


EOSIO sister chains and Inter Blockchain Communication

When Daniel Larimer has created EOS, he envisioned it as a panacea for everything what he saw was wrong in the crypto space and...