Wednesday, December 12, 2018
EOS Platform User Agreement

EOS Platform User Agreement

EOS New York Block Producer released their proposal for a new EOS constitution, but they announced that they will not directly submit it for referendum. The top BP said that it is up to the community to decide if they...
Larimer proposes eos constitution

Daniel Larimer proposes new Constitution

On Thursday 27th June, Daniel Larimer, CTO of proposed to change the entire Constitution of EOS. The news came as a shock to the EOS community but Larimer has some good reasons for bringing this change. “I have learned a...
EOS Block Producers Agreement

BP Agreement

Action - {{ regproducer }} Description The intent of the {{ regproducer }} action is to register an account as a BP candidate. I, {{producer}}, hereby nominate myself for consideration as an elected block producer. If {{producer}} is selected to produce blocks by the eosio contract,...


This Constitution is a multi-party contract entered into by the Members by virtue of their use of this blockchain. Article I - No Initiation of Violence Members shall not initiate violence or the threat of violence against another Member. Lawful prosecution...


4 custom EOS tokens you need to know about

Tokens are the future and while many don’t see the tokenized world coming to an existence, they ignore the fact that the tokenization has...