I thought about Dan’s new Constitution proposal and, in the beginning, I was afraid about big BPs taking on the network, corruption and cartels.

I know Daniel proposed some solutions to mitigate such risk although there’s no 100% solution to this. This is why he just scraped Article IV about vote buying because if something cannot be enforced so what’s the point in having it?

What I see in EOS future is a platform for big companies. After all, this was the original, pre-Constitution plan.

EOS was designated to be great because the technology is superb but I and many other people started dreaming about something unique in the crypto world when the Constitution that included non-violence and property, liberty rights has been presented. That was our momentum and I think that this idea about a safe place where to go with your funds was very tempting and gained some traction in the wider public.

Unfortunately we weren’t prepared for such a leap nor EOS was ready.

The infrastructure was not there, the communication was lacking and the community didn’t know how to handle it. Without a leader giving orders and leading by hand, the community get lost in a continuous dispute.

By giving EOS Members the Constitution, they gave us the power that otherwise we would have only by casting our votes. We started policing, blaming, judging and suing because we felt this not only was our right but also our duty.

What an illusion this was!

“This blockchain has no owners, managers or fiduciaries…” but it seems like we all felt like owners with full rights.

Dan is right.

Let’s leave it apart that rolling back transactions could break the Inter Blockchain Communication. Let’s assume that if technology would be ok with this, we would continue having the arbitrating body and people deciding about everything. This would lead to an enormous organisation handling hundreds of disputes every day.

Many don’t see any problem with this and probably, after some time, these disputes could have been somehow automated, judged on the evidence provided or its lack. If EOS would be big then it’s quite normal that this body would be also big.

But could EOS be really so big under these rules? Could big companies come to build on EOS and trust the arbitrating body with all their business they have to manage every day?

I believe that EOS, under the previous Constitution is good for smaller BPs who have no problem with attaining to all the transparency rules, who have no problem with disclosing their ownership because so small, who have no problem with vote buying because cannot permit it themselves or because too honest, who cannot compete with big producers because their voters base is too little.

I see some problem with big companies joining the network under the present Constitution. Too much uncertainty and too many requirements that these companies cannot simply fulfil. Can you imagine Google being governed by voters and standing to their rules? Can you imagine voters asking Facebook for more transparency? There’s too much risk and not enough gain. 

EOS under the new Constitution is for big companies. For giants. This is the platform for companies who have the skin in the game like Google, Apple or Facebook and who want to build their DApps on EOS. This is the platform they want to be part of as Block Producers.

This is how I see it and even if any of these companies will be BP, others will because only EOS technology can support them. Having these companies as BPs would change everything. We’d see fast development of DApps and fast, widespread adoption of the blockchain.

I’m not the fan of seeing the kind of monopolists like Google, Amazon or Facebook on the EOS platform, but this is the reality and the world rolls this way. These companies make nothing for free and turn every user into profit, but it is also true that we need them.

Does it mean that we need to give up to the capitalists?

No. We still have a safe place to go for. I’m confident that Dan is building a safe place for us all. A place where non-violence is the first and most important rule, a social media app that will respect this rule and not only have it as an article in the Constitution. But first some solid foundations need to build and they cannot be built with kids in the garden playing around.

Let the code make its job.


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