Building on EOS was quite a challenge for the developers as scarce initial documentation and high RAM prices provided quite a drama to the scene, but these problems seem already passed as has provided developers with an extensive educational program as well as lower RAM prices. On the other hand, Telos, an EOSIO fork aiming at improving on the EOS errors, does even more and gives developers the possibility to deploy their DApps at zero resources cost.

Telos wants to attract DApp creators with its GoodGrants from GoodBlock.

GoodGrants is an initiative launched by GoodBlock candidate for Telos Block Producer whose founder, Douglas Horn, is also the author of the Telos whitepaper.

The purpose of GoodGrants is to provide devs with NET and CPU resource to permit DApp deployment even if a dev has not enough funds available and, if the project is really interesting then it’s possible to apply also for other resource grants such as Telos Foundation RAM grants. Thanks to this GoodGrants project a dev can have his idea financed for one year.

GoodBlock stakes TLS to provide devs’ DApp with necessary NET and CPU and gives assistance for securing necessary RAM grants as well as technical assistance and doesn’t take ownership nor revenue share for this. With this initiative, Telos will become the most cost-effective of all EOSIO chains.

Telos is a fork of EOSIO which aims at correcting everything that didn’t work on the EOS mainnet so far. The biggest changes include limiting the impact of whales on the voting by capping their TLS holdings to 40K TLS, arbitrators chosen through voting, token supply of 330 million and a 2.5% inflation, equal reward system for 21BPs and for the standbys as well as a system of BPs rotation, RAM allocation based on the growth of the network and price stabilisation influenced by the Telos Foundation.

Whoever wants to develop on Telos and profit from GoodGrants needs to attain to commit to the Telos ethos of security, openness, transparency and opportunity.


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