Today, Thailand’s long-established and leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitcoin Co. Limited ( added THB/EOS market pairs. The Exchange has been researching the development and technology of EOSIO blockchain for some time and today announced it had added the long-awaited THB/EOS market pair via a tweet.


The listing of a THB/EOS market pairs is significant not least because the Baht is the official currency of Thailand but also in that it further opens the doors for Thailand’s emerging digital economy and blockchain innovation that makes Thailand one of the most crypto friendly countries in the world to do business.

Noticeable advancements relating to blockchain in Thailand include;

  • Since the start of 2018, Thailand has set up procedures and regulations relating to company licenses permitting cryptocurrency exchanges and ICOs
  • Bank of Thailand is in collaborative partnerships to research, test and prototype systems built on blockchain technologies.
  • The Thai Bond Market Association is researching blockchain technology for the bond markets.

With Thailand being a blockchain friendly country it’s hardly surprising that an increasing number of blockchain based companies would choose to establish a presence in the country and with that has come an increasing amount of EOSIO based project development from within the country which looks set to continue through awareness and adoption of blockchain technology.

EOS Bixin ( an EOS Block Producer with offices in Bangkok has been engaging with the EOS Bangkok community to help raise awareness through meetups and social events, which it hopes to extend with a series of workshops focusing on EOSIO blockchain, smart contracts and Dapp development. To achieve this goal it aims to work in collaboration with local Thai companies with similar interests in education and development related to blockchain technologies.



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