The Worker Proposal System, as well as the overall governance of the EOS network, have been lately a subject of a great debate. The community voices regarding the WPS and its multi-million fund are divided and always more arguments emerge against the fund made out of 4% EOS yearly inflation. Corruptibility of the WPS, whales taking the most advantage of the project, unnecessary ECAF funding, arbitrators appointment are between the most debated points.

Marcin Zietek of Tokenika, one of the Block Producers, sums up why too much human controlled governance is a big obstacle for EOS scalability and talks non-intervention as the goal of a secure and reliable blockchain.

Zietek argues that EOS mainchain is already providing a lot of security through token staking and time delays, account recovery and BPs intervention in extreme situations like DAO or Parity hacks and gives evidence of the ECAF as a centralized body being more suitable on a DApp level rather than on the base layer.


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