Universal Resource Inheritance by Daniel Larimer

Daniel Larimer's URI proposal is way ahead of other projects entered on resources allocation


It is already a long time that Daniel Larimer is looking for the best way for allocating natural resources of the universe fairly across all generations and it would seem that he has finally found the way of doing it right.

His idea of Universal Resource Inheritance (URI) challenges property rights as he says that proving property would require proving clean title to it and it is nearly impossible. Larimer states that all the systems involved in allocating property rights are governed by law of the jungle where violence has been the main mean to acquire property. And while the strongest conquer everything and write history books, EOS creator wants to redesign property rights and create a system for allocating property rights that fully accounts for all generations.

This is what URI is for and in Dan’s view, it is also a peace treaty recognising fair negotiations between generations. In a world where where “the compounding nature of wealth naturally centralizes, URI is needed to keep a sustainable decentralization of power required to secure our life, liberty, and property”.

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